Sunday, March 13, 2011

Revitalization of Road Reflection RFID

Embraced by the industry in 2005, one of ten strategic technologies RFID, despite the fact that many people think that is speculation, but it is undeniable that the RFID industry can achieve the huge demand for transparency and automation. At present, although in some enterprises in China, within the group has begun using RFID tags, but because of spectrum allocation has not yet been finally resolved, the maturity of China's RFID application market will take some time. Filtered ads

In contrast Europe and the United States, Japan, RFID applications still

The actual use of RFID, mainly within the enterprise and between enterprises closed system open system. Closed system more practical, mainly because of open systems has not done effectively solve all enterprises should pay how much of this problem, so if the return on investment is proportional to a closed system can be effectively promoted.

Import for RFID, why not positive because of the maturity of technologies and standards is also low, but also has a read / write sensor measures the activities of labels and safety is the main reason is not mature. To break this situation was the strong promotion of open systems work, from manufacturing to retail and a large number of various aspects of the system using the universal tag is the key.

Large distribution companies in Europe and America is the main promoter of

Compared with Europe and the United States, a closed system in Japan have a wide range of applications, and open systems applications Ze yes Europe and the United States accounted for a large flow of Qi Ye overwhelming Duoshu, was that the principal is a large distribution companies in Europe and America's Long Duan Xing Ke Yi enable Hen good to survive. The United States, a home appliance retail enterprises (annual production of about 2.5 trillion yen), for example, the company required the import of RFID can do the following:

All the links in the supply chain can get benefits;

To store shelf to the customer to buy as a starting point to build all the supply chain;

In the supply chain, all products can contain "Now where?" And transparent information.

First, all the links in the supply chain can get benefits, also is a win-win for the purpose. The cost of the label assigned to the supplier, which in a win-win concept and not reasonable. But we must realize that, in fact, import of RFID, the retail industry is also a relatively large initial investment. According to the U.S. appliance industry running an enterprise RFID's ROI (return on investment) system, the result is that suppliers, including label costs, including operating costs than the retail operating costs, only from that point of view, does Retail beneficial. But has many shops and retail outlets, the initial read / write Jiqi import cost would increase substantially, the result is a supplier of basic balance and retail investment, retail order to extract the results must be determined for the corresponding initial investment.

Customers buy this part on, Now we have this idea that you can get from the POS machine needed information, but concerns with RFID technology is not just goods "sold" this information, also need to purchase promotional items customers to efficiently share information, utilize, that is, the supply chain to upgrade to new versions, which can achieve a win-win objective.

RFID in Japan who is the leading open?

In Japan, the popularity of open systems are mainly three categories:


As mentioned earlier, with the strength and weakness of monopoly does not matter if the win-win relationship built on RFID can be effectively imported. Currently in Japan, this type is also a major type, to have a large number of shops, outlets and retail complex logistics lines, into an efficient RFID is easy to get benefits. Therefore, based on the popular retail-led, more with less.

Leading manufacturer

For manufacturers, the products from manufacturing to a library, to the retail stores if the movement of information to share, so its benefits can be imagined. Use "commodities are sold out," this information to avoid shortage and excess supply of goods situation, and paste the RFID tag manufacturers, to bring this information to share, to build a win-win relationship.

Government to promote

By the Government to exercise a strong guiding can also promote the spread of RFID. Requirements as the U.S. Department of Defense RFID tag, like paste, in Japan, the environment, and then use such a social, public welfare of Jiang's Lingyujinhang Yiwu, in Shui Shou, Zheng Fu also assisted the field of gold Deng Ke Yi Qi Zhu Dao role. In addition, the standardization in the industry, the government also played a significant role.

Cost is not the only

In the same individual within the enterprise network Zhankai RFID use, and further promote the sharing of information between enterprises, when RFID, performance, standards mature, tag cost is relatively low, but this allows us to successfully effect? Answer is No.

To play automatically test the effectiveness of RFID and other auto-inventory, the first in the group synchronized product information is necessary. In many companies, often mistaken as a library, errors caused by duplication of orders and other services deteriorate the working hours of rising costs. Industry in the United States because of these errors caused losses of up to 3.5% of GDP, such a state into RFID, low accuracy of the information will increase as the snowball, leading to confusion in the state occur.

Also, because RFID has the same one-time reading of expertise, so in order to accurately obtain storage needs, the library side of the library must be accurate information to the storage side of the transmission for performance upgrade no matter how absolutely 100% read is unrealistic. So, if not the so-called "accurate" information storage test, also lost an indecent meaning of goods, in fact, such companies more than imagined!

Ling Wai, the shop commodity real-time information flow Kufang the position and state information be shared, Chang Jia effective use of Me? Is Shengmingzhouqi Neigou Zhu Zai goods needs of the business to judge the process, we also need to re-evaluate the organization role in terms of trading partners, the system re-build, etc., which require a long time. With RFID and import, the information visualization is our ultimate goal.

Based on these, in order to get the results you want a lot of work needs to be done. In RFID technology, standards mature, tag costs, the how to get the tremendous benefits RFID is a very important issue, if these key areas of interest and follow-up Douneng, then, for those who have not done this work competitors in terms of RFID has become the biggest selling point!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

United States: Symantec President Gary Bloom resigned

Security software vendor Symantec CEO Gary Bloom will step down as president and vice chairman positions. Bloom will be normal by the end of March this year, leaving before the transfer. Ohn Thompson, Symantec chairman and CEO, said, Bloom during the merger is a wonderful partner.

With the end of the integration team to carry out such a transition is natural. Bloom said that Symantec's management capabilities make it easy for me to make this decision. In the high tech industry for 25 years, I can now rest. I still think the merger between Symantec and Veritas are strategic reasons. Bloom is in the Veritas software company after the merger with Symantec, Symantec. Since before the merger, Bloom from 2000 to 2002 served as CEO of Veritas, Veritas since 2002 as Chairman.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Qingdao Sunshine Chi: calm ahead of climbers

There is no hail of bullets, no artillery smoke, does not appear close combat, flesh and blood flying in the images, it is filled with uncertainties and with the majestic atmosphere of the battlefield, men of insight have preparations underway, ready to let go hard, rushing to board a commanding height.

Here is the management software market, bringing together a large number of corporate R & D personnel, driving forward the cause of China's information technology advances, the rapid development of Chinese enterprises to provide adequate safeguards. Management software manufacturers, service providers of information through a vigorous popular campaign, mushroomed as they stand, all over the country, resulting in a prosperous situation, but also formed the competition and catch up with the situation , while, no one who disagrees, anyone want to beat each other.

Management of competition between software vendors rely on products, competition among service providers rely on service levels. After washing the principle of survival of the fittest market, domestic management software vendors created several brand dominance, a number of small brands travel the edge of the Big Dipper in the market situation. Best Software Group is the day that one of a few dominant brands, the skill level of their professional-class products developed in the clear market definition, the user's favorite to win the small and medium enterprises, access to many service providers support . Qingdao Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Chi and one of the partners thought that day.

Sun Chi, Qingdao IT service provider brands, with an excellent management team and management software implementation services in the professional elite, as a team member of one of the most important, Zhao Zhiguo live reputation!

Sunshine, health, poise, is the biggest feeling Zhao Zhiguo people. He has been struggling in the IT industry, the hardware market all the way from the previous struggle to today's management software market. In the increasingly competitive hardware market had fought for many years, he used keen intuition, experience, sharp vision that the management software market, that its potential. However, its strong character to tell him the opportunities and risks, management software market, there are many variables. After careful research, in December 2002, Zhao Zhiguo was set up in Qingdao Sunshine blogs and electronic technology Co., Ltd. main business is IT services for small and medium enterprises to manage the software from the hardware network integration services.

Services in the information management industry a few years later, Zhao Zhiguo found that information technology managers demand for more rational, common Invoicing, financial management software has been unable to meet their needs, functional and operational increasingly demanding. Sun Zhi and the agents Superdata, in some years and can not be a good customer satisfaction, for some of the issues they raise can not be fully resolved, resulting in many missed opportunities for cooperation. Comply with surging demand in the situation of information, in order to provide better service to customers, Zhao Zhiguo start looking for another more representative of products, functional, cost-effective, simple to use product of its minimum requirements of this .

The face of a variety of management software market, Zhao Zhiguo its information technology industry on the full awareness and full investigation, quickly ruled out the small brands, big brands identified and co-operation plan. To be a brand with manufacturers to market quickly, and secondly because the big brands have a more complete channel strategy can reduce the conflicts of interest and increase profits. With several well-known manufacturers in the communication process, Zhao Zhiguo was found days thinking ERP software group manager of production management, outstanding, much better than other software, can improve the management of services to enterprises; and its flexibility is very high , able to adapt to a flexible management model management needs of small and medium enterprises; another for Zhao Zhiguo satisfaction factor is thought to take the whole day channel mode of operation, better support of the agent, often a number of business and technical training and help, and days of thinking did not bureaucracy, a group of relatively simple, and agents who do things together. A comparison of the integrated, Zhao Zhiguo decided to-day thinking cooperation. December 2006, the sun began to blog and official agent days thinking product to really enhance the product line to the level of information management.

Although the cooperation with the days of not thinking for one year, but the sun-chi and the profits so obtained greatly improved, the market share gradually expanding. Because its products not only meet the agency's number one small business management needs of such materials, but also a comprehensive information management to meet business needs, days of thinking from the WBP, OA, PMC, PDM to ERP product line for the perfect sun-chi and offers a comprehensive product support.

Zhao Zhiguo the original was quite happy with this choice, he said: "The days of thinking of the channel is relatively more support, especially in the technology consultants and sales skills to support the above. We think the company and the days often branch in Qingdao together to discuss business issues, and in our company's technology has not reached the top level of the time, day thinking branch sent engineers to help us go and talk business. In addition, the days of thinking time to take sub-register, when customers pay full paragraph, then the permanent registration of solutions to our many worries in the above Sales Outstanding. "" day of Si also assist us in staff training, organizing a number of technical and business training will be above to make our company training several times, and done scenario simulation training. I feel that the effect of simulated training scenario is better, not only to training but also training, but also test, so that it can better results. "In the days of thinking of strong support of the blog, and soon the sun out of the past, hardware, low-end management software sales thinking, but all staff are trained to a professional business management solutions provider for enterprises with a more comprehensive technical support. Sunshine blogs and official from a single product sales into the sales phase of the project type.

Cooperation with the days of thinking the past dozen months, sun-chi and get a great progress, which in addition to full support of one day thinking, but also effective in the sun-chi and a perseverance. Zhao Zhiguo the success of their very modestly said: "We are no shortcuts, no trick, is the continuous accumulation of ongoing efforts to be enough. As long as confidence, perseverance will succeed. We raise primarily for profit good customer service, truly help businesses solve problems. "Speaking of management software, industry competition, Zhao Zhiguo said:" The competition with other suppliers when the main task is to Zuodao know ourselves, focus on day to play competitive thinking Youshi inferior products. day of thinking to help us when playing alone, will provide technology demonstrations of support for progress in the business more difficult to continue when the day thinking of Qingdao branch of the Channel Manager will help us to come forward and customer general manager of communication, and will be approved by the special application. so do day thinking product is indeed a good choice. "

In the management software market, the product is important, can meet customer demand, mainly the product features, adaptability, flexibility, stability, as the channels, the most important thing is to choose a good partner object, Select a good product to agents. Sunshine blogs and in so many software vendors in the selected days of thinking, because the days of products and channels for policy thinking has certain advantages. With the days of thinking in this powerful backing as a support, Sun Zhi, and through its own efforts, to provide high quality services, access to the recognition of many customers, but also created a sun-chi and a great success.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The basics of intrusion detection rules

Basic knowledge of the rules
Network Intrusion Detection System is a network communication that we need to find a pattern. To give you different types of rules have a basic idea, let's look at the examples that can be used to identify and methods.

Sent from a fixed IP connection requests. This can be in the original IP header address area easily identified.

Mark packets with illegal TCP set. This can be a known set of legal and illegal, and the TCP header tags in the tag comparison and conclusion.

E-mail containing a special virus. IDS can be the title of the message or the attachment name and e-mail-related viruses known to compare the title of the conclusion.

Included in the payload of the DNS queue buffer overflow attempt. Through the analysis of DNS domains and check the length of each queue, so that IDS can identify the existence of a domain in DNS buffer overflow attempt. Or another way is to look at the payload queue overflow procedure exists.

By submitting thousands of times the same command to carry on the POP3 server denial of service attacks. Way to deal with this attack is to set the number of orders submitted, once more than the number of times the system will set the alarm.

By submitting a file or directory tried to skip the login process prior to access files on the FTP server attacks. Can develop a tracking system to monitor the successful landing of the FTP communication, if we find someone trying to enter in pre-certified through the system, it will sound the alarm.

As you can see from the above, a wide range of rules, from the simplest check header files to highly complex, such as Zhenzhenggenzong Lianjiezhuangtai or extensive protocol analysis Deng. In this article, we will focus on some simple rules and discuss their complexity in development. Please note that the rules of IDS in a different capacity to change, so the technology described in this article may be used in your firewall may not be applicable. For example, some network IDS products to the customers to write their own rules or configure the capacity of the existing rules is weak, and some products allow you to customize almost all the existing rules and to all the rules you can think of the definition into the system. Also to be considered an important factor in some IDS products can only check a specific payload Zhu Xing header files, and some products can be given in any part of Renhe package Shu Ju.

Rules which features services

The purpose of intrusion detection rules so? The answer is, different rules is not the same purpose. The result we need is that when the invasion occurred, the system alerts. But let us think about why we need to customize or modify their own rules? Maybe you see some single network communication, and you want the next warning is given when such communications occur. You may have noticed, it has a special header symbol, you want to define a rule to match this known mark; Perhaps you want to configure the IDS to detect unusual or suspicious that the communication, not just Detection of attacks and detection. Some rules can tell you which way a particular attack or an attacker trying to attempt an attack against which vulnerabilities, while others rule is that there are no abnormal behavior, rather than point out a specific kind of attack. The former is bound to spend more time and resources, but give you more information, such as why you would be the purpose of attack or the attacker is.

Header file attributes

We have fast rules about the type, and then let us focus on the characteristics of a simple rule: header file attributes. Some header file attributes is obviously not normal, so we need to develop a lot of options in the rules. Classic example of this rule is marked with a TCP SYN and FIN packets set. In RFC793 (the standard used to define the TCP) a vulnerability, so many tools are trying through this loophole to try to bypass firewalls, routers and intrusion detection systems. Many exploits, including the header file attributes aimed against the RFCs, because many of the operating system and applications are based on the assumption that compliance with RFCs written, and on this basis of communication in error not be corrected. There are many tools contain errors or incomplete code, so these tools are made by the package which contains the header files against the RFCs property. Those who write very bad invasion of technology tools and a variety of written rules for identifiable property.

It sounds good, but please note that not all operating systems and applications are fully inherited RFCs's. In fact, many systems or procedures are at least partly against the RFC's. So, over time, the agreement may be given not included in the RFC in the new property, then the new standards there would be unlawful prior to the standard into a now legal. RFC3168 is a good example. Therefore, IDS rules rely on the RFC may lead to many positive error occurs. Of course, RFC still in the development of accounting rules is very important position, because many malicious attacks are directed RFCs come. As the RFC upgrades and other factors (such that we'll discuss that later), so need to periodically review and upgrade of existing rules.

While illegal file attributes is the first part of the rule base, the first legal but suspicious file attributes are also important. For example, for connecting the port such as 31337 or 27374 suspicious (these are often related to the port and the horse), if issued a warning on these connections, you can quickly identify the actions Trojan. Unfortunately, some normal healthy communication may also use the same port. If you do not use the more detailed rules to define the communications of the other features, you will be difficult to determine the true properties of communication. Suspicious but legitimate property, such as the number of port number, preferably comprehensive consideration of other properties.

Identify the rules of composition may

Header file attributes based on the best way to develop the rules is by example. Synscan is a widely used tool for scanning and detection system. Interconnection line in early 2001, it frequently activity, because its code is often used to make Ramen worm, the first stage. This event provides a good example, because it's package includes a large number of identifiable characteristics. Here are some of the early spread of the worm exists in the Ramen worm in the IP and TCP packet header file attributes. (Note that my IDS is configured as the default has not been requested cancellation of communication, so I can only see the first packet of each attempt)
A variety of different source IP address
2 TCP source port 21, destination port 21
3 type of service is 0
4 IP identification number 39426
5 SYN and FIN flag set
6 serial number to set the various
Set all the confirmation number 7
8 TCP windows size is 1028

Now we know Synscan package contains the header files which features, we can begin to consider how to develop a good rule. Let us Zhao Zhao those illegal, abnormal, suspicious property, in many cases, these features are corresponding to the attacker trying to exploit loopholes or correspond to the attacker used a special technique. Although the normal package properties often include restrictions on some communication, but such restrictions can not be the characteristics of a good rule. For example, we will deal in properties of the normal IP protocol is defined as 6, this way we can view the TCP packet. However, some other completely normal characteristics, such as the service type is set to 0, the rule of development is very negative.

Synscan package some of the unusual features can be identified using the following rules:
1 only SYN and FIN flag set is a clear sign of malicious behavior.
2 Another feature is the confirmation number of these packages have a variety of different properties but the ACK flag is not set. If the ACK flag is not set, the confirmation number should be set to 0.
3 there is a suspicious feature is that the source port and destination port are set to 21, which is a normal FTP server does not associate. If both of the same port number, which we call reflexive. In addition to some special communication (such as a specific NetBIOS communication), usually such a situation should not exist. Anti-body against the TCP port is not standard, but in most cases is not normal. In the normal FTP communications, we will see a high port (greater than 1023) as the source port, destination port is 21.

Thus, we identified three characteristics can be used to make rules: SYN and FIN flag set, the confirmation number is not set to 0 and no ACK tag, and anti-body port is set to 21. There are also two points to note: TCP windows size of the regular set to 1028, IP identification number is 39426 set all the packages. In general, we expected TCP windows size is greater than 1028, although this value is not very normal, but should also draw attention. Similarly, IP RFC defines IP identification number in a different package should have different values, so a fixed value is highly questionable.

Select a rule

As we have found five to be the rule of the elements, So we have the option to develop many different based on head Wenjian rules and a good rule should include more than one of Te Zheng. If you just want to set the most simple rules, you can use packet marking to set the SYN and FIN. While this is a kind of good identification methods of malignant behavior, but behavior can not be given why this would happen. Remember, SYN and FIN are usually used to bypass firewalls and other equipment, so they can play the role of the scanner, the implementation of information gathering or attacks. Therefore, a SYN and FIN only rule for our purposes is too simple.

However, if a rule includes all of the above five suspicious features, although they could provide more detailed information, but compared with the detection of a property rule only, the utility or much worse. Rules of relevance and accuracy of development are always trade-off between the two. In many cases, the relatively simple rules is easier than the complex identification of positive error, because the relatively simple rules in general for the overall concept. And complex than the simple rule of rules is easier to recognize passive error because the characteristics of some tools and algorithms will change over time.

We assume that a rule intended to determine what kind of tool used. In addition to other markers SYN and FIN, what attributes are most appropriate? Let us look at the anti-body port is very suspicious, but many tools have this feature even with some lawful existence of such communications will feature, it can not provide enough detailed information to Zhidingguize. ACK ACK value is set but no tags, it is clearly illegal, it can and SYN, FIN together to make rules. Windows-1028 size, a little suspicious but can also be considered within the normal range. The IP identification number 39426 then? We can combine the above properties, the development of several different rules. But still can not determine which is the best, because the best rules should change with time and environment at any time adjustments.


In the next period, we will use to determine which properties SYNSCAN rules, and rules for more SYNSCAN assess the effectiveness of communication. We will further study the general rules relative to the merits of specific rules. We will also continue to focus on discussion of IP protocol header file attributes in the rule development role.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 46

Each member has a clear pan-micro agenda: to help facilitate staff

Employees can know their work, whether that leadership has no time to go next week to meet, can easily understand the other at the same time do not have time tomorrow to help themselves to complete a task .... If you do not have a uniform time and task scheduling center

Basically impossible to accomplish these things.

Weaver defined the company's system, all employees must have a work plan provides that if there is no planning system can not generate the performance appraisal report, then there can be no bonus this month. So Weaver, all employees develop the plan in the e-cology habit of doing, because everyone has their own plans, so the company's personnel and coordination becomes a lot of effort.

As a subordinate, can only understand the timing of the immediate superior but can not know the specific matters; level class can see the correlation between the timing of the plan if it can be checked to see shared; superior to subordinate can learn not only the time distribution and can see all the specific issues.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

UC: a master of a MS

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time (synchronous) communications including instant communication, VoIP, audio / video conferencing. Remote communication with existing systems, enables enterprises can not remove the case of the traditional telephone network synchronization to deploy advanced VoIP and conferencing.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 with strong online reminder technology, it can be stored in Active Directory for all contact information of communication with people combined into one. Users to use online reminder, you can directly see if someone is online, and click the instant communication, telephone or video conference with their contact. This is the Microsoft unified communications platform is a very important advantage.

Office Communicator 2007

Office Communicator 2007 is suitable for real-time (synchronous) communication between the client application. It is the user for the online and catalog information, instant communication, telephone and audio / video conferencing the main tool.

Office Communicator 2007's design is very intuitive, very easy to use click to call functions to communicate, and can be words from the instant message to the telephone or video conferencing easy, free switching.

In addition, it alerts and automatic call forwarding feature allows users to control calls, or you can manually set their status light. For example, when users need to concentrate on work in a state can be set to busy. It is worth mentioning that, Office Communicator 2007 can all incoming calls to voice mail.

Office Communicator 2007 to communicate the successful experience of integration into the entire Microsoft Office system and even beyond the scope of the system. Whenever the contact's name appears, online information will be reflected in detail: In the document workspace, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server site or in e-mail string. Using this feature, the user may, in its support of Windows Mobile device or click to call using the online tool.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to manage all synchronous communication and e-mail, voice mail, fax, and calendar and other communication summary, integration to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 users in the inbox.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 version, including voice service system, so users can call to access the Inbox, to listen to the calendar and work according to schedule, listen to e-mail messages and voice mail messages, manage their personal contact information, or corporate address book to call any contact.

Exchange Server 2007 also includes Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, it is a powerful Web mail client, allowing users to stay connected anytime, anywhere along the way, and through the system to run Windows Mobile Outlook feature rich device experience.

Microsoft Office 2007

Full application of Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft unified communications technologies. From Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 document workspace to the team sites and SharePoint Server 2007 on the My Sites, all online through the system always remind technology.

As each person during file processing can be used online to remind, remind the technology so online offers a variety of communication channels. If you are an Office Excel 2007, to share the budget work, so only a few clicks and you can start a real-time communication between the owner of all the budget session, and if at any time will switch to the telephone or audio / video conferencing.

In fact, when companies deploy Microsoft unified communications technologies, they not only adds a single solution, but to change the entire Microsoft Office experience.

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 is Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 predecessor, it offers through Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 team sites and instant messaging.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photoshop font effects - waffle words

In this case, we will make a waffle effect of the font, the key commands used to: Expand; Gaussian Blur; Wind; Hue / Saturation.

A first implementation of the File> New command to create a long-10cm height 6cm, 300dpi the new document.
2 Channels control panel, create a new Alpha1 channel, making it the current channel.
3 Next, select the text tool in the toolbox of the rampant, the channel input alphabet, and drag the appropriate location.
4 Copy Alpha1 channel into Alpah2 access to Alpah2 channel into the current channel. And implementation of the Filter> Stylize> Tiles command, ready to make the letter grid effect. In the Tiles dialog box, set the Number of Tiles: 10; Maximum Offset: 2%; Fill Empty Area With: Background Color, then press OK button to confirm.
5 implementation of the Select> Modify> Expand command in the pop-up dialog box, set the Expand By: 1pixels, to expand the edge of the letter.
6 re-implementation of the Filter> Other> Minimum order, ready to narrow the letter the edge of the bright area. In the Minimum dialog box, set the Radius: 5pixels, and press OK button to confirm. Deselect range.
7 Copy Alpha1 channel into Alpah3 access to Alpah3 channel into the current channel. Implementation of the Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur command, ready to make the letters blur. In the Gaussian Blur dialog box, set the Radius: 4pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
8 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha2 selected range. In the Load Selection dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha2, and press the OK button to confirm.
9 implementation of the Select> Modify> Smooth command, ready to smooth processing of the letters. In the Smooth Selection dialog box, set the Sample Radius: 1pixels, and press OK button to confirm.
10 implementation of the Select> Feather command, preparing letters for emergence treatment. In the Feather Selection dialog box, set the Feather Radius: 2pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
11 to the foreground color set to gray, press Alt + Delete keys on the fill color within the selected range.
12 to return to the RGB color mixing state.
13 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha1 selected range. The foreground color set to red, press Alt + Delete keys, the fill color.
14 implementation of the Filter> Render> Lighting Effects order, ready to produce lighting effects on the letter. In the Lighting Effects dialog box, set the Style: Default; Light Type: Spotlight; election on; Intensity: 13; Focus: 92; Gloss: 60; Material: 42;

Exposure: 13; Ambience: 0; Texture Channel: Alpha3, the effects can be adjusted in the left preview window to watch the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.

15 remain on the letters selected, then select the circle tool in the toolbox, then use the mouse to select the range moved slightly to the right distance.
16 implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha1 selected range. In the Load Selection dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha1; Operation election Sutractfrom Selection, and press the OK button to confirm.
17 implementation of the Select> Feather command, preparing letters for emergence treatment. In the Feather Selection dialog box, set the Feather Radius: 2pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
18 to the foreground color set to gray, then to 70% by Gray to fill. You're done.

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